Kammelna Baloot Web

Launched in 2009, “Kammelna Baloot” is one of the most famous online games in Saudi Arabia. Kammelna Baloot attracts more than 100,000 players a day and has more than three million subscribers to date. We are constantly improving the game’s features and usability, providing players with a more enhanced user experience. Kammelna Baloot has earned the title of “The best local Baloot game online”.
Visit www.kammelna.com and enjoy the game.

Kammelna Mobile

Due to Kammelna Baloot Web being a major success we decided to create a mobile app which has been a huge success. We launched Kammelna on both Android and IOS. The game is cross platform which allows multiplayer interaction regardless of varying operating systems. Players through the mobile application can also compete against web users.
To download the application for Android: ...... To download it for iPhone and iPad: ....

Kammelna Tarneeb

There’s no better game that merges intelligence with intuition, and observation with luck, than Tarneeb! A popular card activity across the Arab world, Tarneeb has made its way online through the efforts of Remal Ventures. Kammelna Tarneeb is the company’s second card game product with nearly half a million subscribers. Visit Kammelna Tarneeb Facebook Link and enjoy.

Areeb World

We developed Areeb world based on recent studies that have proven educational video games improve students’ learning abilities. This is why the education-through-entertainment approach, or learning through playing, is now applied in several countries worldwide. Entertainment can indeed be educational, which is why Remal Ventures created “Areeb World”. An interactive, multiplayer game with loads of fun and learning, Areeb World intelligently integrates the sciences and mathematics straight from students’ curricula into a virtual gaming experience of tasks and tactics. With facts and answers needed to overcome obstacles and challenges, the love for knowledge is strongly stimulated within the minds of these young players. Areeb World also features a strict parental control system to allow easy supervision. Parents can determine the hours of playtime and monitor the educational progress of their children. A product of extensive creativity and thorough research, Areeb World meets the highest global standards in the educational gaming field. Have fun while learning at www.areebworld.com

Silah Company

To add value to the lives of individuals and benefit the community at large, Remal Ventures created a community-oriented company, Silah. A subsidiary of Remal, Silah targets Saudi women seeking to work from home. Through its wide network, the company connects women with available job opportunities, enabling them to have an equal chance to develop their technical skills and further contribute to society from the comfort of their homes. www.silah.com.sa


A subsidiary of Remal Ventures, Sceen is a company that specializes in providing recreational, educational, and cultural cinematic content. Its YouTube channel, SceenTV, aims to enrich Arabic digital content and convey meaningful social messages. Today, SceenTV has over 900,000 subscribers and 95 million views, and is considered an established platform for the youth – helping to channel their creativity and reveal their various talents. Sceen Youtube Channel